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        Barbara Sedassy




"...I love colour and line and the way it sings together..."

Barbara studied at St Albans, Falmouth and Chelsea Schools of Art. She worked in many fields; painting, lithography, construction, performance and enamelling on copper.

She has travelled and lived in Canada, Latin America and Hawaii for many years teaching, painting, sign writing and designing. Since returning to England she has designed and taught. She now runs an engineering/metal finishing firm.

As a member of 5WAP she has exhibited with them in London. In 1998 she exhibited in the Covent Garden Music Festival and at the Heifer Gallery in Islington and the Red Gallery in Marlow. She is a member of Bucks Visual Arts group and exhibits through them in the Bucks Art Week open studios. She has exhibited and sold work in Canada, USA, Mexico, Belize and England.

Her painting is figurative, painterly and about colour influenced by Bonnard, Bacon, Buber, Beethoven, stories, family, friends, cows, clowns, theatre and W B Yeats. There is a range of greeting cards of her pictures.