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        Chris Hirsch




Whilst continuing a long career in social housing as a mature student Chris gained an Honours degree in fine art at the University of Hertfordshire (formerly St Albans School of Art) in 1995.

Her work is mainly figurative, and during the 1990ís was primarily concerned with womenís issues. For example, her degree show consisted of large paintings depicting ambiguous sections of the female body which suggested that the complete body/image went far beyond the edges of the canvas. She also made smaller works showing the whole figure but where her input was as minimal as possible, drizzling paint onto a stretched canvas which was then tilted to and fro until a spontaneous female figure emerged. Both concepts were attempting to challenge the way contemporary western patriarchal society tends to dictate the size and shape a womanís body should be.

Currently she is working on a series of self-portraits and also images relating to religious statuary seen on a recent trip to Seville. She has exhibited in St Albans and in various galleries in London.